Financing Receivables for Reusable Credit

Finding the right credit resource to help you manage your cash flow is a matter of assessing your business assets. For many companies, accounts receivable financing winds up being a great choice because of extra savings this kind of cash advance allows companies to realize, and because it is reusable whenever your accounts have large balances outstanding and you need access to your cash now.

How It Works

When you start financing receivables, you include your accounts in your application, allowing Compass Commercial Solutions associates to review the balances. You’ll also provide information about your clients’ payment histories, because that information is vital to assessing the size of your available advance. After the cash is disbursed to you, we take over repayment, deducting our own fees and the advance before sending the payments on to you.

Advantages to Financing Your Company’s Receivables

  • Predictable costs you can figure into estimates
  • Reusable whenever you have outstanding accounts
  • Outsource your receivables and streamline your business
  • Payment insurance on your customers at no additional cost
  • No recourse if customers don’t pay

Contact us today for more information or help with an application. Our team is always ready to talk to you about how accounts receivable financing can help your business access the working capital it needs.