Compass Commercial Solutions Provides Flexible Real Estate Financing

Your real estate investments are unique, and that’s why you need unique financing to make each project successful. We understand that, and we provide a wide range of loan products and equity sponsorship arrangements designed to allow you to fit the repayment schedule and terms to your needs. Whether you are looking for milestone financing for construction projects, traditional loans for property acquisitions, or a special blend of products designed to give you the reach you need on a large project, our team is ready to help.

Commercial Real Estate Financing Choices

  • Conventional Loans with amortizing payments and fixed interest rates give you control over your overhead with no prepayment penalties.
  • CMBS Loans allow you to save a little on interest if you are not planning on paying the loan off early.
  • FHA and HUD Loans are built to allow investors participating in federal housing programs to borrow with advantageous loan parameters.
  • SBA Loans provide a way for small businesses to invest in the facilities they need to be successful and provide jobs in their communities.
  • Bridge Loans give you a short-term financial solution that allows you to repair and refinance or repair and resell when buying properties.
  • Mezzanine and Equity Financing provides you a way of combining investment and debt to reach your goals when you work on large projects.
  • Construction Financing with built-in milestones to make sure you get the funds you need for each phase of your project.
  • International Financing when you need access to large investments from high net worth funds and individuals so you can finish projects on a global scale.

No matter what size your next real estate investment will be, we have resources built for it. Buy facilities, invest in income properties, manage funding for new developments, or improve and resell existing properties as you need. Contact us today to start an application for your next commercial real estate loan.