Equipment Financing and Leasing From Compass Commercial Solutions

When you need new equipment, you need financing that is built to fit your next investment. Sometimes, that means the kind of loan that lets you control your overhead while you invest deeply in new machines. Sometimes, it means a lease that lets you minimize your investment so you can get a return on it more quickly, or one that gives you short-term access to equipment you need for a specific project. Our associates are ready to connect you to the funding that fits your needs, no matter what you need.

Startup Financing

It can be hard to find equipment financing when your company is new because traditional lenders usually require two years of business history to authorize a loan. That’s why we built a program just for new businesses.


When you have equity in your machines and you need working capital, this program helps you sell the equipment while negotiating to lease it for use for a period of time. This is a great way to raise the working capital you need for upgrades, expansions, and more.

Financing Tiers

Each financing package comes with a choice of repayment structures so you can fit your overhead to your business cycle more efficiently, and terms of up to 84 months are available on all equipment leases and loans. Financing tiers are designed to make it easy to get the equipment you need:

  • Up to $150,000 with just an application
  • Up to $500,000 with full disclosures
  • Over $500,000 for borrowers with qualifying company incomes

B, C, and D Credits

When you are putting together your equipment leasing plan and deciding how to prioritize the equipment you own as you reposition yourself in the market, we can help. Contact us today for assistance with an application, information about our credits program, or help with any of our other great equipment financing options.