Get Up to $200,000 With a Merchant Cash Advance

Asset financing provides you with a great opportunity to access the financing your company needs without having the long wait times and lengthy applications you expect from long-term business loans. The key is finding the right asset for your company to finance with, so you can repay it efficiently. When you find it, you can count on tapping that asset whenever you need a short-term advance.

Merchant cash advance financing is a great choice for those who have a business that does a lot of credit card transactions, because it uses the activity on your merchant account as the basis for determining the size of your advance. The more money you make, the faster you pay it back, too.

How MCAs Work

MCA repayment is a percentage of your credit transactions each month, so they shrink if your business does, making them convenient and flexible. As your business grows and your average volume of transactions each month increases, you can access more in each advance, too.

Benefits of Financing With Your Merchant Account

  • Fast determinations and cash distribution
  • No application costs
  • No closing costs
  • Reusable—finance your merchant account again when your advance is paid off
  • Load up on inventory or fund seasonal renovations

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