Financing Your Purchase Orders to Grow Your Business

One of the toughest parts of growing a company is finding the resources to take on large and unexpectedly timed orders. Showing customers you can do more gives you the opportunity to get both long- and short-term business because it shows they can count on you for their orders no matter what. Finding the cash to get startup resources on unconventional orders can be tough, though. If you are sourcing trade goods or building items, purchase order financing can get you the working capital you need to take on any order.

Applying for Your Advance

When you apply, our representatives will review the outstanding orders you need to fund, as well as your customers’ histories. For this kind of advance, your customer’s likelihood of payment is the basis for the risk. That means their credit also drives the determination of the advance. When payment comes in, our representatives subtract the advance and our fees before passing the remainder on to you.

Benefits of Financing Purchase Orders

  • Never turn down an order again
  • Increase your volume of business
  • Grow your company more rapidly
  • No addition of long-term debt to the company
  • No dilution of your equity in the company

For more information about this form of financing, contact us today. Compass Commercial Solutions has representatives available during regular business hours.