Growing Your Business With Alternative Financing

One of the biggest risks you are likely to take in owning a business is growing your company. This process usually requires the capital to move to a bigger location, take on more product or even start larger projects. With the help of alternative financing, you can meet all of these goals sooner and with less impact on your credit than with traditional bank loans. Before you start down the path of alternative forms of financing, you will want to research some of the benefits, some of the types and some of the lenders.


Some of the benefits associated with alternative financing include having little to no impact on your credit, getting the funds you need quickly and having multiple funding options. Sometimes the perfect business opportunity pops up for a limited time and you may not have the funds to take advantage of that opportunity. For small businesses, in particular, alternative types of financing can help you take advantage of these deals more quickly than traditional bank loans.


Alternative financing types include factoring, crowdfunding and investment partners. These types of financing will not usually take your credit into account and can offer different pros and cons depending the which type you go for. For instance, factoring is selling your accounts receivable to a third-party and getting the value of those invoices, minus a small fee, within a couple of days. This isn’t a loan and has nothing to do with your business credit score or history. This can make it easier to secure multiple sources of financing for large business opportunities or to reduce your debt without lowering your credit score.


As more forms of non-traditional funding become available, more lenders get started in the industry. This gives you more to research, but also more opportunities to find favorable terms for all types of financing. Being able to tailor your options to meet your needs can help you get ahead faster and easier than trying to tailor your needs to meet your options. Luckily, most lenders will make comparing different terms easier by listing the pertinent information online or by sitting down with you to go over any questions that you may have.

Alternative financing is a term that sets apart things like factoring from traditional bank loans. There are many different types of financing you can secure for your company with varying terms and lengths of time. Knowing the differences between those types, and the lenders who offer them, can help you get the right infusion of capital for your company.


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